Designed for light-duty applications. Rated for 100 lbs. total payload at twenty inches.
Payloads under 50 lbs. can be at high speed.

Adroit's ABH Hoist is comprised of the following elements:

Typical configuration:

Horizontal Access

Length: range of travel plus 28 inches; overall travel limited to 100 feet

Width: 20 inches Column and Frame, plus footplate

Construction: mild steel, with polyester powder coat

Max operating speed: 120 fpm (dependent on fixturing)

Driven by a TENV 90 VDC motor via steel reinforced polyurethane belt. The frame is configured in ten foot sections. Each shares two vertical legs.

Vertical Axis

Stroke: up to 72 inches, standard at 30 and 60 inches

Minimum headroom: highest obstruction + stroke + 20 inches

Standard operating speed 15 fpm, up to 50 fpm for payloads under 50 lbs.

Column shell: mild steel with polyester powder coat

Chain driven via TENV 90 VDC motor. Cantilevered arm presented through a slot in the front face of the column.


Construction: NEMA 12, epoxy painted mild steel over powder coat base. E-Stop.

Power supply: 115 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hertz, 10 Amps per head.

Controls: PLC or PC-based.

Typical Options

Multiple heads

Motion multiplier

Manual Operation Pendant with additional E-Stop; boom-mounted or remote

Flashing Light during motion

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