WinHoist©™ Controls

A PC based control package integrating all motion and process control. The control system will directly control and type of drive motor as well as the integration of all and any process features and field devices specified.

Any amount of Digital and Analog I/O’s are set according to tank line requirements including temperature control as well as both voltage and amperage control of rectifiers. The software is extremely user friendly, written in English so the customer can apply all and any changes when parameters or processes changes are required and the software includes a full graphics package to configure overall and tank specific screens.

WinHoist©™ has full data acquisition/documentation, which has been independently evaluated to meet ISO 9001 requirements. Standard data format for Access® or Excel® (Microsoft) and is available in alternate formats.

WinHoist©™ offers advanced random loading, which eliminates ghost moves and optimizes throughput - allowing manual inspections while simultaneously processing multiple payloads in automatic mode.  This is based on highly developed forward thinking so that each carrier will anticipate its next moves, refining its own strategy, and in coordination with other carriers on the line if applicable - reducing delays when they share zones of travel. The result is that a carrier no longer waits for a hierarchy of decisions to play-out before moving, and if more than one is on the line, that the carriers optimize their motions and act as a team.

Another major WinHoist©™ advantage is that it accommodates modification of payloads currently being processed in real-time and adjusts the processing accordingly to other payloads on the line (live adjustment). Adroit's WinHoist©™ has an nuanced features which have practical advantages including allowing redundant stations to be individually taken offline and in the definition of a station and its priority can be elevated after a user-defined interval.

WinHoist©™ is utilized in both Adroit's sidearm applications where it directly controls servo-drives, and as a graphical interface/scheduler for integration to any major PLC, which controls the AC motor drives, typically for larger overhead applications (see Amsax).

WinHoist©™ allows a much higher degree of user interface including: production tracking, process parameter monitoring, statistical process control and bar-code operations. Custom database development and integration with your existing network is available.

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