Adroit Automation is a multi-disciplined team of engineers, designers and technicians committed to seeing a project from inception into full production.

The same Adroit control engineers and technicians produces a design, builds the control panel and installs the system including field devices and brings the full controls package into operation.


Each member of Adroit engineering/production team is consistently cross-trained with the objective of each man being a fully competent commissioning engineer.


An integrated system that works - in its entirety - built by a team that works together and solves problems - before and after commissioning.

Engineering Team

Adroit Automation's engineering team has designed and commissioned more than one hundred fifty automated process lines over the past twenty-five years. By incorporating the best proven technology from one industry to another, Adroit brings proven solutions to new applications.

Project Management

Adroit's project management is sound, based on personnel trained up-through-the-ranks and internal controls. Maintaining a schedule is more than charting critical paths.


Adroit Automation, Inc. partners with your project team to understand your needs and analyze your process. Adroit is unique in that it has worked over a wide range of industries. Our engineers bring proven solutions to new applications. Together with your team, we will develop an engineered solution that operates reliably with the flexibility to meet your current and future production demands.

Adroit offers a comprehensive range of services including complete solutions, process equipment, tank lines and environmental services. We will provide you with the services equipment you need to compete in today's market place.

Choose from the many services we offer:

Process Engineering
Equipment Design
Project Management
Training and Documentation
Long-term Support


As important as Adroit Automation technical innovation and competency to a successful process line the commitment to customer support. While we continue to improve our technology, Adroit enjoys strong references from our very first to our most recent customers. These endorsements are a reflection of the quality of Adroit’s work and they illustrate that Adroit’s support after installation exceeded our customers' expectations.

Regardless of the amount of equipment provided, proper training and support after the sale are what ultimately determines the success of a project. Adroit is keenly aware of the need for working with customers to make sure the project is a long term success.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer before and after the sale. We are committed to giving you fast and honest feedback whether it is on the phone or on site. Call or email us today and put Adroit to work for you!

It is the commitment Adroit gives its customers and in turn expects from its employees and suppliers in meeting deadlines so that there is a coordinated delivery and installation.

Tank Lines

Adroit designs and fabricates modular tanklines from corrosion resistant materials focusing on tank integrity for long term service in industrial applications with advanced techniques...

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For more than twenty five years Adroit has been refining PC control options based on object-oriented programming. This created the best random loading format in the industry where...

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Environmental Systems

Adroit will work with you to design an Environmental System that will meet local code. We can integrate new, used or existing equipment into an air ventilation system or wastewater...

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